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Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke:  Charte von Australien berichtigt im November 1812 . . .

Maps of Oceana

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Title: Charte von Australien berichtigt im November 1812 . . .

Map Maker: Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke

Place / Date: Prague / 1815

Coloring: Outline Color

Size: 16.5 x 12.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $395.00

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Fine map of Oceana, issued shortly after Krusenstern's voyage to the region.

Includes a reference to Australia as Ulimaroa and many other early annotations and place names.

Australia is shown as divided between New South Wales and New Holland.

The name Ulimaroa for Australia was first used by Djurberg, in his Cosmographie samt Beskriftning om Jorden i Allma¨nhet (‘Cosmography and General Description of the Earth’), Djurberg provides the following explanation for using the name Ulimaroa for Australia:

On page 436 of Hawkesworth’s account  of Cook’s first voyage, Ulimaroa is mentioned as the biggest island in the world. I should give a reason for this name.   This land is called New Holland in a lot of maps, but for what reason I do not know; there is no similarity between Holland in Europe and this land, neither in size nor in the area’s character. You find in the account of the famous English sailor Cook’s journeys that when he was on the northern coast of New Zealand, he asked the inhabitants there if they knew any other country, to which they replied that to the north-west of their home, a quite large land was located, which they called Ulimaroa. I have decided to maintain this name as given to this land by its neighbours; besides it is better than New Holland.

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