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Stock# 61973

Highly detailed regional map of Alaskan Coastline, showing the area around Anchorage at the top of the map and extending south to Kodiak Island.

The chart is one of the sectional charts from the French edition of Vancouver's Voyages and comprise the first detailed printed maps of the regions covered.  

Finely engraved, large-scale chart showing Alaska from Mt. St. Elias in the east to the eastern side of Kenai Peninsula to include the small Chiswell Islands in the Blying Sound, including Valdez and Anchorage. Includes a good representation of the interior mountainous terrain. Shows great detail of Prince William Sound with numerous fiords and islands including Montague. Inset of "Plan du Port Chalmers."

During the summers of 1792-94, George Vancouver and the crew of the British ships Discovery and Chatham mapped the northwest coast of North America from Baja California to Alaska. Vancouver's voyage was the last, and longest, of the great Pacific voyages of the late eighteenth century. A skilled and competent sailor and explorer, Vancouver eliminated the possibility of a Northwest Passage. His remarkably precise surveys completed the outline of the Pacific.


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