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Stock# 58176

Rare separately published map of Redlands, published in Redlands.

While we were not able to identify the date specifically, the map title suggests that it was published by the Moore family, owners of the Redlands Daily Facts newspaper.

Capt. William G. Moore bought the Facts in about 1895 and his son Paul W. Moore became the publisher about 1905. The newspaper would remain in the family until 1981.

Paul W. Moore published several maps of Redlands in the period between 1900 and 1920.

Because the map does not show the Redlands Central Railway,  we assume that it pre-dates 1907.

The pink lines running along Citrus Ave, Reservoir and Highland, etc. are a mystery.  It is possible they could show bus or train lines, but the outlying X's suggest residential details.  The notes in the southwest corner would likley by in the area of the homes of large citrus growers.  The notes at the east side, extending Citrus off the map, would be Redlands High School, which is the oldest high school in California on its original site.