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Stock# 52631

Rare 1711 edition of John Thornton's engraved chart of the Cape of Good Hope, published posthumously by his brother, Samuel Thornton.

The bottom image comprises a sea cart from Table Bay to False Bay with superimposed coastal profiles. Above that is an attractive view of Table Bay, naming the important topographic features and showing a fleet at anchor. An inset image shows the Dutch fort. Natives in traditional clothes stand next to the cartouche.

An important English chart from the earlier period of Dutch colonization; more than 80 years before the British would take it in 1795.


In 1703 John Thronton redrew an earlier design by John Seller ( our+number+1009 ) on a new plate. He eliminated Saldanha Bay at the 'Entrance to Saldina (sic) Bay'; named Coney (i.e. Dassen) Island; changed Saldinia Bay to Table Bay, and added a key (A-P); this map is plate 78 in Tooley.

In 1711, Samuel Thornton replaced his brother's name in the title with his own;

In 1734, Bay of Falso and two annotations in the bay were added, but the Thornton imprint was deleted. The chart also was published in English Pilot V in 1743 & 1761.

In circa 1739, Mount and Page returned to Seller's original (1675) plate but deleted the Seller imprint.