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Stock# 23147

Nice example of the Eastern part of Tardieu's wall map of the United States, based on Arrowsmith's 4-sheet map. The southeast sheet also includes a fine large format plan of Washington DC, copied from the Ellicott Plan.

Tardieu's map of the United States is one of the rarest and most interesting large format maps of the period. The map is based upon the true first state of Arrowsmith's 4-sheet map of the United States. The map is completely re-engraved by Tardieu and reflects the finer engraving skills of this Paris engraver. In addition to the decorative cartouche present in Arrowsmith's map, Tardieu has added a plan of Washingtion DC, based upon Ellicott's plan.

Arrowsmith's map of the US is a landmark of American Cartography prior to Lewis & Clark and probably the most famous and widely disseminated large format map of the recently independent United States published after the American Revolution. The inclusion of the Ellicott plan of Washington DC on Tardieu's map makes the map also one of the earliest large format examples of the Ellicott Plan published outside of the United States.

This example is also of great interest for the advertising that appears in the lower margin of the lower sheet. The margin note includes printed information noting that the map was then being offered for sale by Charles Picquet in London, Treuttel et Wurtz in Strasbourg and Paris and J Goujon in Paris. This annotation reflects a very early appearance of the Paris map seller and publisher J. Goujon, prior to his association with the Andriveau family, an association with would last for almost the entire 19th Century and produce some of the most interesting large format maps published in France, under the business name of Andriveau-Goujon.

Condition Description
Minor soiling, most notably in the top left corner of the upper sheet.
changed Status from Stanford to restoration. Per Barry's instructions.
- Kasarah
Pierre Antoine Tardieu Biography

Pierre Antoine Tardieu was a geographer engraver of great talent, a pupil of his father Antoine-Francois Tardieu, and for twenty years his collaborator.

Tardieu was the first to mapmaker to engrave maps on steel.

From and early age, he established relationships with Alexander von Humboldt, and the earliest work which he signed himself was in connection with 3 maps published for Humboldt, (1) Carte du Rio-Grande de la Magdalena, (2) plan de Guanaxuato, au Mexique, and (3) plans des volcans de Torcillo, d'Antisana et du Pinchincha 

One of his most important works was a 4 sheet Postal Map of France, as well as a 2 sheet map of Louisiana and Mexico, published shortly after the signing of the Adams-Onis Treaty.

His map of the islands of Palma and Teneriffe were declared so perfect that they were framed and placed in the library of the Institut de Paris.  These maps earned him a bronze medal at the Exposition of 1818.

Chevalier de la Légion d’honneur.  

His brother was Ambroise Tardieu.