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A Duckett:  Physical Geography By A. Duckett. Wellington Academy Midsr. 1868.

Maps of the World

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Title: Physical Geography By A. Duckett. Wellington Academy Midsr. 1868.

Map Maker: A Duckett

Place / Date: Np / 1868

Coloring: Hand Color

Size: 39 x 25.5 inches

Condition: VG

Price: $2,250.00

Inventory ID: 51419jc


Highly unusual thematic and didactic map of the world, drawn in ink, watercolor, and pencil by an English student in midsummer 1868.

Duckett has added a remarkable depth and breadth of thematic information to the map. Regions are labeled with their characteristic flora (in italics) and fauna (in capitals). Isothermal lines are drawn. A key shows mineral products (e.g., Diamond, Gold, Quicksilver, etc.) Duckett has also made tables for "Areas in square miles of continents & chief [islands?]", "Areas in square miles of oceans & principal seas", "Estimated amount of population & extent of ground to each person", "Estimated number of species of plants & animals", "Duration of the longest day in different latitudes."  Centerlines for major mountain ranges are also shown, with the approximate location and height of the highest peak.  Average temperatures in Fahrenheit are noted throughout the world.

The author's approach to race, which he or she lays out in a table in the lower left, will be of particular interest to the modern viewer:

  • "CAUCASIAN All-Europeans except for Laplanders and Finlanders also the Persians Hindoos Begalees and Arabas in Asia the Moors Abyssinians and Egyptians in Africa. DISPOSITION Most moral intellectual and highly civilized."
  • "MONGOLIAN Tribes including Central Asia Chinese Kamtschatkdides in Asia Laplanders and Finlanders in Europe the Esquimaux in North America. DISPOSITION Patient peaceful & cunning."
  • "ETHIOPIAN Central and South Africans and the Negroes of New Guinea Philipines New Britain and the Albourons in some parts of New Giunea and Australia. DISPOSITION Intellect generally low & passions strong."
  • "MALAY The Inhabitants of Malacca Sumatra Java Borneo Celebes New Zealand Sandwich Friendly and Marquesas Islands. DISPOSITION Treacherous ferocious & fearless of bodily pain."
  • "AMERICAN This Race is confined to the Continent of America & consists of a number of Tribes more or less modified in their Appearance. DISPOSITION Malicious vengeful warm in their friendship & lovers of freedom."

Wellington Academy might refer to the Wellington School, one of Scotland's oldest girls schools.

Condition Description: Manuscript map on paper. Laid on canvas with edging.

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