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Giacomo Gastaldi:  Universale Novo

Maps of the World

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Title: Universale Novo

Map Maker: Giacomo Gastaldi

Place / Date: Venice / 1548

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 7 x 5 inches

Condition: VG+

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Drawn From Giacomo Gastaldi's First World Map of 1546 and the earliest obtainble Italian World Map to show the continent of America.

Fine example of Giacomo Gastaldi's modern map of the World, published in Venice in 1548. 

The present map is a simplified version of Gastaldi's first world map (1546), with the addition of 6 windheads.  The map appears on an oval projection, with North America and Asia connected as one land mass. The Amazon is shown flowing North-South.   The California peninsula is shown.  There is little detail along the east coast of North America, although the treatment of the Florida coastline is significantly improved from the 1546 map, and the rivers in the interior of South America are significantly revised.

Among modern world maps published in Italy, this is the earliest obtainable map to show the complete continent of America, preceded only by Gastaldi's map of 1546.

For his 1548 Geographia, Gastaldi produced 2 modern maps of the world, this map and his Carta Marina Nova Tabula, produced more in the tradition of a sea chart.  Nordinskold believed that the maps from this atlas were engraved by Gastaldi himself.

Giacomo Gastaldi is considered as the foremost Italian cartographer of the 16th century along with Paolo Forlani. Gastaldi established his reputation in Venice and was cosmographer to the Republic of Venice.  Gastaldi enjoyed a productive relationship with Giovanni Ramusio, Secretary of the Venice Senate, who used Gastaldi's maps for his Navigationi et Viaggi. This map is from Gastaldi's edition of Ptolemy, Ptolemeo. La Geografia..., begun as early as 1542 and published in Venice in 1548.

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