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Jules Sebastian Cesar Dumont-D'Urville:  Karte der Hawaii Inseln . . . 1835

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Title: Karte der Hawaii Inseln . . . 1835

Map Maker: Jules Sebastian Cesar Dumont-D'Urville

Place / Date: Paris / 1835

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 13 x 9.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $495.00

Inventory ID: 50769


Rare German edition of this early map of Hawaii from D'Urville's Voyage pittoreque autour du Monde, one of the earliest printed maps to include the name Hawaii in its modern English spelling.

The map is engraved by Ambrose Tardieu, and shows Nihau, Tauai, Oahou, Morokai, Ranai, Mawi, Tahou Rawe, and Hawaii, along with Modou'manou and Tahoura. Wai-mea is named on Kauai, Hono-rourou, Wai-mea, Wai-aroua, Kolaau, and Wai-tili on Oahu, Lahaina and Wai-roukou on Maui (along with Moro-kini) and a plethora of names on the big island. Inset of the Island of Oahu. Not listed in Fitzpatrick.

A finely engraved and striking map, which is far scarcer than the earlier Cook maps and one of, if not the earliest maps to use the name Hawaii to describe the entire chain of islands.

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