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Georg Braun  &  Franz Hogenberg:  [Paris] Lutetia vulgari Nomine Paris, Urbs Galliae Maxima . . .

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Title: [Paris] Lutetia vulgari Nomine Paris, Urbs Galliae Maxima . . .

Map Maker: Georg Braun  &   Franz Hogenberg

Place / Date: Cologne / 1572

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 19 x 13.5 inches

Condition: VG+

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One of the Earliest Modern Plans of Paris

Fine example of this inconic plan of 16th Century Paris, which appeared in volume 1 of Braun & Hogenberg's 6 volume Civititas Orbis Terrarum.

This plan is copied from the "Premier Plan" from c. 1530, which Sebastien Münster also used in a smaller representation for his Cosmographia, 1569. All the 16th-century representations of Paris are attributed to the "Premier Plan", which is supposed to have measured approximately 5 x 4 m and to have been made between 1523 and 1530. Two city gates that were built by Philip II, Augustus, in 1180, feature in the illustration, although they were demolished c. 1530.

Paris began as a small settlement on an island in the Seine, named Lutetia, by the Gallii Parisii. This island, seen at the center of the map, controlled the trade in the region both along the river and via the north-south roads crossing the island. Paris grew through successive periods, with walls, citadels, and forts added through a series of expansions. The Bastille is shown at the upper center of the engraving and the Cathedral of Notre Dame is on the eastern end of on the island.

The plan is oriented with east at the top. 

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