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Heinrich Bunting:  [Asia in the Form of Pegasus]

Maps of Southeast Asia

Title: [Asia in the Form of Pegasus]

Map Maker: Heinrich Bunting

Place / Date: Magdeberg ? / 1581 ca

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 14 x 9.75 inches

Condition: VG

Price: SOLD

Inventory ID: 48595


Nice full color example of the rare Czech language edition of Bunting's map of Asia in the shape of the mythical winged horse Pegasus.

The most notable differences are the lack of a title at the top of the map and the addition of the coat of arms at the bottom right corner.

The horse is drawn fairly realistically, with a good deal of imagination required to view the map. The head represents Asia Minor with the mouth at Istanbul. The wings portray Central Asia and Siberia.  The Caspian Sea appears horizontally between the wings and the saddle. Persia is delineated on the horse blanket with the forelegs forming Arabia. The hind legs represent the Indian and Malay Peninsulas. 

The map is among the earliest representations of a land mass in the form of an animal (or human).

This variant edition lacks the text at the top and bottom of the map. The first time we have ever seen this untitled edition.  Unlike some other editions, where only the text within the map is different, this appears to be a completely different plate.

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