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Jodocus Hondius:  Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae, In quibus Moluccae celeberrime sunt

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Title: Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae, In quibus Moluccae celeberrime sunt

Map Maker: Jodocus Hondius

Place / Date: Amsterdam / 1610 ca

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 19 x 13.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $3,600.00

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Fine example of this decorative map of the East Indies from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas.

Extends from the Philippines to Timor and Sumatra to New Guinea, detailing the Spice Islands, a region of great importance to seventeenth century Europe, but one about which little was known at the time. Hondius based his map on portolan charts by Portuguese cartographer Bartolomeu Lasso.  Of particular note is the comment Huc Franciscus Dra. Appulit, which appears by the unknown southern coast of Java, representing Drake's landing during his circumnavigation of the globe in 1577-80.

This map follows very shortly the extension of Dutch control over the islands. In 1602 the Dutch East India Company was formed, and within a couple decades the company came to control the region. Includes three strapwork cartouches, and European ships shown in the midst of battle. Other decorative features include two compass roses, rhumb lines and sea monster.

References: Suarez, fig. 112.

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