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Jodocus Hondius:  Turcici Imperii Imago [shows Cyprus]

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Title: Turcici Imperii Imago [shows Cyprus]

Map Maker: Jodocus Hondius

Place / Date: Amsterdam / 1610 ca

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 16.5 x 19.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $1,200.00

Inventory ID: 46821


Striking example of this early map of the Turkish Empire, showing the Ottoman territories in the Balkans, Anatolia, Levant, Arabia and North Africa, published by Henricus Hondius in Atlas sive Cosmographicae Meditationes de Fabrica Mundi et Fabricati figura.

The map has a decorative cartouche with the portrait of Ottoman Sultan Mahomet Turcorum Imperat 2.

The English translation of the text (1636 edition) includes observations such as "The Countrie is for the most part fruitfull in graine, as wheate, barlie, oats, winter wheate, beanes, pease, and all manner of pulse. It aboundeth in rice, flaxe and cottons. They have vines, whose fruit they make use of after divers manners. The Christians make wine of them, & the Turcks prepare a kind of sweete meate, by mingling honey and grapes together, which seemeth allwayes fresh, both to the sight & tast, this they call Vsum Turssi (sic)."

Condition Description: Old Color

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