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Caius Julius Solinus:  [Lithuania, Belarus, etc]

Maps of the Baltic

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Title: [Lithuania, Belarus, etc]

Map Maker: Caius Julius Solinus

Place / Date: n.p. / 1538 ca

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 4 x 3 inches

Condition: VG

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Scarce map of the area centered on the Volga and Dwina Rivers, showing Vilnius, Kiev, Smolensk, etc.

Gaius Julius Solinus, Latin grammarian and compiler, probably flourished around the middle of the fourth century, though historical scholar Theodor Mommsen, dates him to the middle of the third century.

He was the author of De mirabilibus mundi ('The wonders of the world'), which circulated both under the title Collectanea rerum memorabilium ('Collection of Curiosities'), and Polyhistor; but the latter title was favored by the author.   Adventus, to whom it is dedicated, is identified with Oclatinius Adventus, consul 218.  It contains a short description of the ancient world, with remarks on historical, social, religious and natural history questions. The greater part is taken from Pliny's Natural History and the geography of Pomponius Mela.

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