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Ambroise Tardieu:  Carte du Mexique . . . 1821

Maps of Southwest America (Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Texas)

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Title: Carte du Mexique . . . 1821

Map Maker: Ambroise Tardieu

Place / Date: Paris / 1821

Coloring: Outline Color

Size: 15 x 10 inches

Condition: VG+

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On The Eve of The Birth of Texas

Fine Humboldt inspired map of Mexico, in the midst of its struggle for Indepdence from Spain, published the same year as Moses Austin obtained his first grant from the Spanish authorities to settle 300 familes in what would become the Republic of Texas.

Detailed map of Texas, the Rocky Mountains, Southwest and Mexico, centered on the Rocky Mountains and extending north to the Cheyenne area and the Great Salt Lake. Includes both Salt Lake and the mytical lake to its south, with what amounts to a continuation of the Rio de San Buenaventura extending eastward.

The conjectural sources of the Colorado River are shown extending to the Rocky Mountains, ignoring the Wasatch and several other intervening mountain ranges. East of the Rocky Mountains, the geography on either side of the Rio Grande is well known, but there is no sign of the results of Long's expedition to the Rocky Mountains. Good detail along the Gila and in Texas. Dozens of Indian Tribes and place names are shown.

One of the few regional maps focusing on Texas and the Rocky Mountains during the period.

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