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Giacomo Gastaldi:  Carta Marina Nova Tabula

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Title: Carta Marina Nova Tabula

Map Maker: Giacomo Gastaldi

Place / Date: Venice / 1548

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 6.5 x 5 inches

Condition: VG

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One of the earliest printed sea charts of the World.

Giacomo Gastaldi's marine chart of the World, published in Venice in 1548.

Gastaldi's rare world navigational chart of the world is based upon early 16th Century portolan charts of the period. The map is rich with coastal detail, much more so than Gastaldi's other world map from his Geographia  of 1548.   The chart Includes an unusual configuration of North America, merging in the west with Asia in a massive land mass.  Montagna Verde appears in NY State.  Tierra Del Bacalaos, Tierra el Laborador and Gronlandia appear in North America, the latter attached to Europe by a Scandinavian Land Bridge.

The chart includes a massive Tierra Del Fuego. Mexico City is named, as are several place names in Brazil and Peru. Nice detail in Africa. NW Passage is plainly present.

One of the earliest obtainable world maps and one of the few which departs substantially from Munster's map of 1540.  

Giacomo Gastaldi was one of the most important Italian mapmakers of the early 16th Century. His set of maps for the 1548 edition of the ‘Geographia' are among the earliest examples of his work, in a long and distinguished career. This edition was the first pocket-sized edition. Despite being prepared on a small format, the maps are clearly and attractively engraved. Gastaldi was the first to add regional maps of the American continent, with important maps of the eastern seaboard, a map of what is now the southern United States, of South America, and separate maps of Cuba and Hispaniola. Gastaldi published only a single edition, but his maps were copied by Girolomo Ruscelli for over 50 years.

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