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Andreas Cellarius:  Coeli Stellati Christiani Haemisphaerium Prius

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Title: Coeli Stellati Christiani Haemisphaerium Prius

Map Maker: Andreas Cellarius

Place / Date: Amsterdam / 1660 (1708)

Coloring: Hand Colored

Size: 20 x 17 inches

Condition: VG

Price: $3,800.00

Inventory ID: 41907


Striking celestial map by Andreas Cellarius and later re-issued by Schenk & Valk in 1708.

This spectacular celestial chart presents the constellations according to Christian symbolism. The view of the constellations is based on the work of the early 17th century astronomer, Julius Schiller, who sought to replace the traditional pagan symbols with ones derived from Judeo-Christian sources. Schiller replaced the zodiacal constellations with the twelve apostles, the constellations north of the zodiac by figures from the New Testament and the constellations south of the zodiac by figures from the Old Testament.

Instead of being projected from the pole, the map is centered on the vernal equinox and the ecliptic bisects the map instead of encircling it.  The following major constellations are shown as follows:

  • Gemini  = James (Jacobus), son of Zebedee
  • Cancer  = St. John
  • Leo  = St. Thomas
  • Virgo  = St. James (Jacobus) the Less
  • Libra  = St. Phillip
  • Scorpio  = St. Bartholomew
  • Centauri = Abraham and Isaa
  • The Argonaut = Noah's Ark
  • Canis Minor = King David

The Harmonia Macrocosmica of Andreas Celarius is widely regarded as the most beautiful and finely executed celestial atlas ever published.  The atlas appeared in two early editions of 1660 and 1661, and was also intended as part of Jansson's Atlas Maior.  Schenk & Valk re-issued the atlas in 1708, using the original Cellarius plates, without alteration, except for the addition of their names in the title cartouche.

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