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Cornelis De Jode:  Novae Guineae Forma, & Situs.

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Title: Novae Guineae Forma, & Situs.

Map Maker: Cornelis De Jode

Place / Date: Antwerp / 1593

Coloring: Colored

Size: 14 x 8.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: SOLD

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Fine old color example of the first printed map of Australia, one of the rarest and most highly sought after of all early maps of the region.

The map appeared in the second edition of De Jode's rare Speculum Orbis Terrae, one of the rarest and most sought after of all late 16th Century atlases and now virtually unobtainable on the market, especially in orginal color.

The map is one of two seminal maps covering the Pacific, the second showing the Northwest Coast of America.  The map provides a relatively reasonable general depiction of the Queensland Coast.  Recorded European maritime activity in this region in the 16th Century include Alvaro de Saavedra sent from Mexico by Hernan Cortez in 1527, who reputedly sailed 500 miles down the coast of Papuas during one of his attempts to return to Mexico.  Another vessel under the command of the Spaniard Grijalva spent considerable time exploring the region in 1536.  Due to a mutiny during the voyage, very few members of this expedition survived to give an account of what they found.  The name "Novae Guinea", or New Guinea was coined by Spanish explorer Íñigo Ortíz de Retes in 1545, referring to his opinion that the appearance of the native peoples resembled that of the natives of the Guinea region of Africa.

These vague reports of voyages to the region exist along with rumours of Portuguese exploration along the east coast of Australia in the 1520s, and all together they create an enigmatic picture of early European activity in Oceania.  These realities mixed with medieval creatures such as a gryphon, mermaids and other sea monsters indicate the antiquity from which this map was produced.

A fine old color example of this extraordinarily rare and important map. 

Condition Description: Old Color. Strong engraving impression, light toning to margins.

References: Tooley, 'Australia', 385; Schilder, 'Australia', 13.

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