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Vincenzo Maria Coronelli:  La Costa di Granata de Malaga sin a C. di Gata et la Costa di Barbaria . . .

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Title: La Costa di Granata de Malaga sin a C. di Gata et la Costa di Barbaria . . .

Map Maker: Vincenzo Maria Coronelli

Place / Date: Venice / 1695 ca

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 20 x 16 inches

Condition: VG

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Fine chart of the Mediterranean coastline of part of Granada and North Africa, which appeared in Volume 1 of Coronelli's Corso Geographico, published in Venice. 

The chart covers the coast of Granada, from Malaga to Carboneras and the contiguous coastline of North Africa.

The sea chart would appear to be the chart originally issued in 1663 by Francesco Maria Levanto in his Prima Parte dello Specchio del Mare, nel quale si Descrivono Tutti li Porti, Spiaggie, Baye, Isole, Scogli, e Seccagni del Mediterraneo.

Vincenzo Maria Coronelli was among the most important and influential map makers of the late 17th Century. After starting his career in Venice, he was invited by Louis XIV to Paris to construct a monumental set of globes, which are among the most famous cartogrpaphic works of the 17th Century. During his time in Paris, he collaborated extensively with JB Nolin, which provided him with access to the best available French maps, at a time when France was asserting its pre-eminence in the field of map making. As a result of this access, Coronelli's maps are among the most accurate of their time, combining the best available geogrpaphical information with Coronelli's remarkable engraving style. 

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