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Laurent Fries:  Tabula Moder+ Indiae Orientalis [title from verso]

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Title: Tabula Moder+ Indiae Orientalis [title from verso]

Map Maker: Laurent Fries

Place / Date: Strasbourg / 1522 [1525]

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 17 x 11.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: $3,900.00

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Rare 1525 edition of the first printed map to focus on the Southeast Asian islands and, indeed, the only map to focus on this area in the first half of the 16th Century.

Fries map was a significant milestone in the mapping of SE Asia. The map shows Lake Chiang Mai, which feeds one of the region's principal rivers.

The cartography is based upon Waldseemuller's 1507 cordiform map, which derived its treatment from Martellus. It abandons the Ptolmaeic model in several respects, most notably the closed Indian Sea. Much of the map's nomenclature is derived from Marco Polo's adventures. Java Major is mapped solely from annectodal reports. Peutam (Binan) is recorded in the 13th Century treatise of Ibn Sa'id. Java Minor is correctly placed below Peutam.

Fries treatment of Sumatra is also much more accurate than his predecessors, Ruysch, Waldseemuller, et al. Ferlec is show opposite Bintam, based upon Marco Polo's account that it was located 100 miles to the south. Basma is also shown on the northern coast.

In the Mapping of Southeast Asia, Tom Suarez spends several pages illustrating and descibing the minute detail in the map and reconciling it against the works of early travellers and prior maps, calling this map a landmark in the cartography of Southeat Asia.   

The 1522 edition of the map is extremely rare, as is the 1525 edition.  The map is more typiclly found in the1535 and 1541 editions, which have printed titles above the maps.

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