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Cornelis De Jode:  Quivirae Regnu cum alijs versus Borea

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Title: Quivirae Regnu cum alijs versus Borea

Map Maker: Cornelis De Jode

Place / Date: Antwerp / 1593

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 14 x 8.5 inches

Condition: VG+

Price: SOLD

Inventory ID: 33208gm


Fine dark impression of this rare important map depicting the West Coast of North America, derived from Plancius's World Map.

The present example is from the Collection of Glen McLaughlin, whose collection is described in the Mapping of California as an Island.  Certification letter is available on request.

De Jode map is one of the earliest regional maps to focus on the West Coast.  The map extends from the mythical northwest passage (El Streto de Anian) to the northern part of Baja California.

The map is one of the most remarkable bits of 16th Century conjectural cartography to appear in print .  Burden notes that the map

Depicts the west coast from below the Tropic of Cancer to the North Pole here represented by the top border of the map. Part of the four islands derived from Mercator surround the pole. Below this runs the western end of the North West Passage leading into 'El Streto de Anian'. At this point we find the legend 'Polus Magnetis respectu insulari Capitis Viridis', an early indication of the magnetic pole...The inland details largely reflect the extent of various beliefs and legends that existed at the time; only part of the coastline records first hand knowledge. It is beautifully adorned with mythical sea creatures and ships.

One of these creatures, a horned sea-dragon, is north of the "Cabo Mendocino". The map is from the second edition of De Jode's the very rare "Speculum Orbis Terrae", and was issued in only one known edition and state.

References: Burden 82; Wagner, NW Coast, 171.

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