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Theodore De Bry:  America Sive Novus Orbis Respectu Europaeorum Inferior Globi Terrestris Pars 1596

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Title: America Sive Novus Orbis Respectu Europaeorum Inferior Globi Terrestris Pars 1596

Map Maker: Theodore De Bry

Place / Date: Frankfurt / 1596

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 16 x 13 inches

Condition: VG

Price: SOLD

Inventory ID: 33168gm


Decorative example of Theodor De Bry's scarce and dramatic map of the New World shown in a sphere and bordered by full-length portraits of Columbus, Vespucci, Magellan and Pizarro.

The map provides an excellent up to date depiction of the Western Hemisphere at the close of the 16th Century and is richly annotated throughout, including a reference to Columbus's discovery of America in 1492 and many other annotations regarding more recent discoveries.  The West Coast of America is shown in a sweeping wide configuation, with Quivira, the Straits of Anian and the great pre-California as an Island myths shown.  De Bry adopts Mercator's depiction of the North Polar regions and the open Northwest Passage. 

Also incorporated for the first time on an American map is information from White and Le Moyne's explorations along the Southeast Coast of North America.  A massive southern Continent is shown (Terra Australis Magellanica), along with an exaggerated width for South America.  The map incorporates information acquired by Cornelis Claesz in 1594 from the Lasso chart, showing a single insular Newfoundland.  

The cartography for De Bry's map is derived primarily from Plancius’ world map of 1594, providing a relatively correct shape for the period and showing a vast southern landmass extending from New Guinea to Tierra del Fuego and beyond.  It represents a fine blend of decorative imagery and informative cartography.  The map accompanies Part six of De Bry's Grand Voyages.

Condition Description: Two minor stains in top margin. Some minor foxing in the image and one minor abrasion in western Greenland.

References: Burden 91.

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