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 Anonymous:  Happelius Everhardus Guernerus (Eberhard Happel)


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Title: Happelius Everhardus Guernerus (Eberhard Happel)

Map Maker:  Anonymous

Place / Date: Germany / 1680 ca

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 17 inches

Condition: VG+

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Contemporary portait of Eberhard Werner Happel.

Eberhard Werner Happel (1647 - 1690) was a German author, novelist, journalist and polymath.  He produced a number of interesting maps, including a world map showing the oceans currents.

He also produced the Thesaurus Exoticorum . . . . of which Sabin noted:

The greater part of this work, which is a sort of German Coryat, is filled with a history of the wars between Hungary and Turkey, but it has also a special interest for the American collector, as it contains a series of fifteen curious representations of the aborigines of America, all with detailed descriptions of their manners, customs, religion, etc. We find among them representations of the natives of New-France, New-Netherland, Virginia, a King of Florida, Californians, Peruvians, Chilians, Mexicans, etc.

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