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Theodore De Bry:  [Governor Blasco Núñez Vela in Lima]

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Title: [Governor Blasco Núñez Vela in Lima]

Map Maker: Theodore De Bry

Place / Date: Frankfurt / 1599

Coloring: Uncolored

Size: 9 x 7 inches

Condition: VG

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Fascinating image showing a scene from the violent methods of the Spanish Governor Blasco Núñez Velaafter his arrival in Lima, from De Bry's Grand Voyage.

The rule of the new Spanish governor of Peru, Vaca de Castro, installed after Pizarro's death at the hands of the Almagro faction, was no more stable than the previous government. The king of Spain sent Blasco Núñez Vela to replace Vaca de Castro. Núñez Vela's rule was even more harsh than his predecessor's and he murdered or had killed numerous people including (shown here) a procurator, or spokesman, for the people of Lima.

This work was published by Theodor de Bry and is derived from the third part of Girolamo Benzoni, Historia del mondo nuovo, Venice, 1565. Theodor de Bry's America. Pt. 6.

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