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Illustration Title Map Maker Date Price (US) More Info
East India Islands Lizars 1825 ca $375.00 Details
Turkey in Europe (with Cyprus) Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Germany. Prussian Dominions and Independent States Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Bohemia & Moravia Provinces of Austria. Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Turkey in Europe Greece & The Ionian Islands Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Persia Lizars 1828 $145.00 Details
Kindgom of Sardinia [with inset of Sardinia] Lizars 1828 $125.00 Details
Russian Empire [with] Chart of the Communication Between The Archipelago And Black Sea Lizars 1828 ca $295.00 Details
Egypt Lizars 1828 ca $165.00 Details
Poland and Lithuania Lizars 1828 ca $265.00 Details
Table of Mountain Chains, Together With The Altitudes of Their Princpal Summits Lizars 1831 ca $125.00 Details
Ireland With All The Railways Lizars 1840 $245.00 Details