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Coronado Heights. San Diego County, California. United States GPO   $245.00 Details
Map illustrating the plan of the defences of the Western & North-Western Frontier, as proposed by Charles Gratiot in his report of Oct. 31, 1837. . . . Hood  / United States GPO 1837 $450.00 Details
Upper Mine Nos. 1 & 8 (and) Lower Mines or Mormon Diggings No. 3. United States GPO 1848 $275.00 Details
Skeleton Map Showing the Rail Roads Completed and in progress in the United States and those projected through the Public Lands and their connection with the principal Harbours on the Lakes and on the Seaboard . . . 1848-9 . . . United States GPO 1849 $245.00 Details
Map of Duflot De Mofras. 1844 United States GPO 1873 $125.00 Details
Map of the United States Showing The Acquisition of National and Public Domain from The States of The Union By Cession and Through Purchases From Foreign Nations, together with its Present Location In States and Territories. 1776 to 1880. United States GPO 1880 ca $125.00 Details
The Principal Transportation Lines Extending West From Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. 1878 United States GPO 1881 $75.00 Details
Topographical Map of the District of Columbia and a Portion of Virginia Compiled Under The Direction of Major G.J. Lydecker . . . By Captain F.V. Greene, Corps of Eingeers. 1884. United States GPO 1884 $275.00 Details
Map of Proposed Southern Ute Indian Reservation in Utah As per Agreement made by Commission with The Ute Indians in Colorado Under and in pursuance of Sec. 4 of Act of May 1, 1888 . . . United States GPO 1888 $175.00 Details
San Diego Cal. and Vicinity Showing the Plats of land offered for the site of a Military Pot . . . 1891 United States GPO 1891 $195.00 Details
Mapa de la Parte Oriental de Venezuela Para Mostrar Las Invasiones Realizadas Por El Gobierno Britanico En El Territorio De La Republica. 1887. Dibujado p. Jesus Muñoz Zebar, Ingeniero. United States GPO 1896 ca $125.00 Details
Map Showing Location of Sheridan, Wyoming and Surrounding Reservations United States GPO 1898 $195.00 Details
Topographical Map of the Site and Lands of the Government Hospital for the Insane near Washington D.C. United States GPO 1900 ca $75.00 Details
General Chart of Alaska and Eastern Siberia To Accompany The Reindeer Report . . . By 1st Lieut. Ellsworth P. Bertholf Revenue Cutter Service 1901 United States GPO 1901 $245.00 Details
Map of Douglas Townsite. County of Cochise, Territory of Arizona. . . . 1901 United States GPO 1901 $195.00 Details
Map Showing progress of Allotment in the Creek Nation . . . United States GPO 1902 $175.00 Details
Map of the District of Columbia Showing Present and Proposed Railroad Routes April, 1903 United States GPO 1903 $245.00 Details
Mexican Railways and Lines of Navigation in 1904 United States GPO 1904 $125.00 Details
United States Showing Navigable Streams and Canals Exclusive of Alaska and Insular Possessions 1906 United States GPO 1906 $145.00 Details
Transportation Routes of the World . . . United States GPO 1907 $125.00 Details