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Bowles New Pocket Map of the World laid down from the latest observations and The New Discoveries to the present Time, particularly those lately made in the Southern Seas By Byron, Wallis, Cook, Bougainville, and others . . . 1780 Bowles 1780 $2,400.00 Details
Bowles's New Pocket Map of the Discoveries made by the Russians on the North West Coast of America Published by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Petersburg Bowles   &  Carver 1780 ca $1,100.00 Details
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Russian Empire In Europe, comprehending also the Empire in Asia . . . Bowles 1785 $175.00 Details
Cormandel Coast, North Part Bowles 1790 ca $245.00 Details
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of North America, Divided Into It's Provinces, Colonies,States, &c. . . . latey Revised and Improved with Many Additions, from D'Anville, Mitchel, & Bellin, by L. Delarochette. (Louisiana Purchase Map--Rare Pocket Map edition) Bowles   &  Carver 1795 (1811) $3,500.00 Details
Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pensylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut & Rhode Island. &c. Comprehending also the Habitation & Hunting Countries of the Confederate Indians; by Lewis Evans. Evans   &  Bowles 1796 ca $3,400.00 Details
Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting New Buildings to 1797 Bowles   &  Carver 1797 $750.00 Details